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Final Artists Revealed!

Groove Festival polishes off this year’s already stellar lineup with two contrasting, yet equally impressive homegrown talents.

Kormac Live

With over 10 years in the game, it’s no surprise that Kormac has become a firm festival favourite among the masses, his unique presence and energetic stage shows making the few Irish festival lineups without his name seem almost lacking and incomplete.

His impressive musical background, boasting a Masters from Trinity Music and Media Technology, combined with a string of successful releases and albums have led to him being emblazoned across “Ones Not to Miss” features of websites and magazines alike, and an integral part of attendee’s agendas.

Kormac released his first solo record, “The Scratch Marchin’ EP” in 2007 via Scribble Records, combining original recordings with heavily jazz influenced samples, in a manner which captured the attention not only of Ireland but also that of overseas peers too, and earned him a string of performances in the UK and Europe.

Seemingly incapable of remaining static, a year later, Kormac followed up with Gospel inspired ‘Good Lord EP’ to critical acclaim, while highlighting his impressive work rate by unveiling an assembly of musicians and VJs at Electric Picnic the same year who would assist him in certain performances. Christened Kormac’s Big Band, this was soon to become a highly commended and unmissable feature of any festival, with Kormac once again pushing the boundaries and paving the way for Irish musicians.

After an impressive string of EPs, teamed with a dignified touring schedule, the logical next step for the ambitious Dublin native was to release an LP. In 2010 ‘Word Play’ was released featuring notable collaborations from influencers such as DJ Yoda and MC Little Tree, with the track ‘Wash My Hands’ injecting its infectious electro-jazz rhythm into ad campaigns and music compilations around the globe.

In the period that followed, Kormac toured extensively throughout the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, Canada and Africa, before releasing second album ‘Doorsteps’ in 2014 on Bodytonic records. Heavily focusing on collaborations, the album took almost 2 years to complete, highlighting Kormac’s constant strive for progression that gives him the edge over his counterparts. Literally showing up on the doorsteps of a host of potential collaborators including legendary author Irvine Welsh and Mercury Prize Winner Speech Debelle, Kormac managed to push the boundaries of his craft once again, creating a truly unique sound. His efforts didn’t go unnoticed, with lead single ‘Wake Up’ being nominated for a Meteor Choice Music award.

Among a steady stream of sold out shows across Europe and Australia Kormac is paying homage to his roots after recently being commissioned by Jameson to make two tracks using only sounds he recorded at their factories in Dublin and Cork.

Chasing Abbey

If you typed raw hip-hop lyricism with catchy, house undertones into Google Maps, you’d never have thought that the destination would be Tullamore, but Ro, Bee and TeddyC are here to prove that the home of fresh Irish music right now is in the midlands.

Freshly formed in 2016, Tullamore group Chasing Abbey have already been described as “one of the most promising bands in the country”, responsible for bringing a unique pop, dance and hip-hop style to the forefront of the Irish music scene; modern and contemporary with an unrivalled authenticity and an ability to stay true to their roots despite global recognition.

Having grown up sharing a love of music together, the trio have an unparalleled charisma that culminates in an explosive live show, resulting in not only headline shows in Ireland, but also performing in the UK – an incredible feat after only a year together.

Their first single ‘That Good Thing’ contains all the elements of a hit, from upbeat basslines and hard hitting vocals to an unforgettable melody, and has resulted in a flood of radio exposure, reaching number one on both iTunes and Google Play’s download charts.

We can’t wait to see what they have instore for us at Groove Festival this August.

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