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Jerry Fish

Saturday 19th August: Main Stage – 4.15 pm

There’s a tendency for the word ‘unique’ to be bandied around a little too freely in music circles, but that is the only way to describe Jerry Fish’s genre bending style.

A highly charismatic performer who refuses to countenance audiences having anything but a good time.

Jerry Fish is a carny soul, one who has spent much of his life on the road, a shape-shifter, showman, shaman, songster, rock peacock and supper club crooner from Lynchville, a constantly evolving artist who has always favoured innovation over orthodoxy.

Jerry’s music has previously been described as “Lounge Lizard Schmooze” and “Punk Latino” and his latest releases ‘Barefoot $ Free’ + ‘Early to Bed’ feat. Dana Colley (Morphine) have been compared to The Cramps, The Stooges and John Spencer Blues Explosion.

“I have formed a brand new collective of artists and musicians for my live show” ~ “We have recently recorded sessions with Rarely Seen Above Ground who will also be joining forces with us at our future live shows.”

So, now in cahoots with drummer Jeremy Hickey aka R.S.A.G. with a new sound and music collective Jerry Fish’s love of carnival street theatre has bore fruit in the shape of “The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow.”

“The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow” was launched at Ireland’s premier music and arts festival The Electric Picnic in 2013 and was deemed by many to be the highlight of the festival. Consequently The Electric Sideshow returned to the picnic in 2014 and 2015 to a new even bigger arena, achieving even greater success. The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow is confirmed to return to Electric Picnic in 2016.

The Jerry Fish live experience dissolves all boundaries between performer and audience.

Jerry Fish’s antecedents are not stadium rock bands but burlesque artists, circus acts, carny barkers, travelling players, showfolk all.

“Someone told me that during carnivale you could to give a two fingered salute to the king and get to keep your head,” Jerry said some years ago. “The powers that be knew they had to give people some sort of release from the daily grind. It was an anarchist’s holiday, a time where you could be whomsoever you wanted to be, even it it was just for the day.  May there forever be carnivale.”

“The Jerry Fish Electric Sideshow” is on the road.

So… if you are looking for entertainment of the something completely different variety.