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Kormac Live

Saturday 19th August: Main Stage – 5.45 pm

DJ Kormac believes. You should too! “I Believe” marks the return of the man whose plunge into the depths of spiritual jazz and old gospel recordings, has given voice to a refrain that is almost certain to find favour of anyone within earshot. “I Believe” conjures an image of a penitent Max Roach and Count Basie somehow attempting to atone by keeping pace with a beat laid down by a composer and arranger of extraordinary power.

Recorded in his Dublin studio over the past year, “I Believe” has previously seen kids testify in their thousands at festivals across Ireland, the UK and Europe. This recording evoking the sounds of a wooden church in a Tennessee township tees up the next phase of Kormac’s releases.

Kormac has always defied labelling. From straight up hip hop mixer to Big Band Ensemble leader to spellbinding audiovisual composer, this Dublin native has collaborated with a diverse array of other artists including Irvine Welsh, Speech Debelle, Micah P. Hinson and DJ Yoda. Having sold out shows in the UK and Ireland, been nominated for the Choice Music Prize and mesmerised audiences on Other Voices and The Late Late Show, 2017 will see Kormac once again confront and challenge the norms in his music, in his art.

“I Believe” – available everywhere now.

Kormac Live will take to the main stage of Groove Festival on Saturday 19th August.